UnionLaser plasma cutting machine

Short Description:

Type: Plasma cutting machine

Brand: UnionLaser

Model: UL1530

Price: $7899~$8899

Warranty: 18 months for whole machine

Supply Capacity: 50 sets/month

24 h online for Pre-sale & After-sale

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When do you choose plasma cutting machine?

1. Your cutting material is various metal materials like  stainless steel, brass, aluminum, carbon steel etc,mainly thick plate cutting.

2. Your budget is from $4000 to $9000.

3. Your cutting accuracy is about 1mm.

4. Welcome to contact us to get best suggsiton.


1. Fast cutting speed,high precision and low cost.
2. With firm and reasonable structure,the machine is easy to operate and durable for use.
3. The cutting incision is thin and tidily and can avoid the second processing.
4. High configurated CNC system,auto arc-striking and stable performance.
5. Working with computer and support G code and files of Fastcam software (specilized in
cutting metal material)
6. It can cut metal plate of advertising 3D lighting letter and flute profile letter with high cutting
precision.(USA power is optional).
7. StarFine control system with THC function.


working area
Plasma source
Huayuan LGK160A 
X, Y, Z axis
HIWIN 20 square guide rails
Cutting speed
Machine structure
Welded steel tube
Control system
Starfire Control System with THC
Table surface
Blade working table
Cutting thickness
cnc plasma cutting machine

Machinery parts

huayuan plasma source

HuaYuan Plasma cutting source

- 160A big power source

- The cutting thickness of Iron mateial is less than 18mm, and the stainless material is less than 12mm.

- Can be customized according to the thickness and type of mateial

- long lasting

Taiwan HIWIN linear Guide

- Run smoothly

- Strong bearing capacity

- Famous brand, after-sale guarantee

#20Hiwin linear guide

450B stepper motor and Leadshine 860H stepper driver

- Big power

- Can be customized according to your cutting thickness.

- Long lasting

- Guaranteed cutting effect


plasma cutting
sample of plasma cutting

Application: mechanical and electrical product shell processing, craft decoration, wrought iron gardens, automobile manufacturing, ships, electrical accessories, garden lighting, chassis electrical cabinets.

Cutting Material: It can cut a variety of metal sheets and pipes, mainly suitable for rapid cutting of stainless steel, carbon steel, manganese steel, galvanized sheet, various alloy sheets, rare metals and other materials.

Advantages Of plasma cutting machine

1. The advantages of the plasma cutting machine are that the plasma arc energy is more concentrated, the temperature is higher, the cutting speed is faster, the deformation is small, and it can also cut stainless steel, aluminum and other materials.

2. The plasma cutting machine has advantages in cutting thick plates, because in the thick plate cutting process, a very high cutting speed can be achieved, which is much higher than that of lasers and flames.

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plasma cutting machine (8)
plasma cutting machine (4)

Plasma cutting machine with drilling head

Common type plasma cutting machine

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