Portable Fiber Laser Welder

Short Description:

Type:   Fiber laser welding machine

Brand:  UnionLaser

Model:  UL1000W

Price:  $4599-6799

Warranty:  3 years for machine

Supply Capacity:   50 sets/month

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Applications Of Laser Welder

1. What is the laser welder application?

Laser welding technology and laser welding machine are widely used in sheet metal processing, rail transit, automobiles, construction machinery, agricultural and forestry machinery, electrical manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, household appliances, food machinery, tool processing, petroleum machinery, food machinery, kitchenware and bathroom, decorative advertising , Laser processing services, etc.

2. What are the advantages of laser welding?
The laser beam is easy to focus, align and be guided by optical instruments. It can be placed at an appropriate distance from the workpiece, and can be guided between tools or obstacles around the workpiece.

Fast cooling rate, fine weld seam, high precision. Small size, flexible processing. Laser welding is one of the important aspects of the application of laser material processing technology.


1. Model UL-1000w UL-2000w
2. Oprating mode Continuous/ Modulation
3. Laser Wavelength 1080 +- 5nm
4. Operating Environment Temperature Range 15-35℃
5. Welding head Qilin Welding head ( WSX for option)
 6.  Spot size ( mm)  Qiling head 0.2-5mm adjustable, "dot- line/ circle" mode
WSX head 0-4mm adjustable, "Z" mode
7. Laser Cable length 8 meter
8. Laser Pulse Frequency 1-5000Hz/ 50kHz
9. Cooling system Water chiller
10.  Auto Wire Feeding system Yes.  
11.  Weight 200kgs 


Machine Details


Welding Materials

1000w laser source-

RAYCUS Fiber Laser Source

It has the advantages of high electro-optical conversion efficiency, good beam quality, high energy density, wide modulation frequency, strong reliability, long life, and maintenance-free operation.

Two-axis swing hand-held welding head

Artificial intelligence, remote control;
Data storage, with save and recall functions.
Fault monitoring for quick troubleshooting;
Intelligent decryption, flexible use.
Younger design reduces labor costs.

qilin welder head


 1000w Welding ability
NO. Materials Depth Of Fusion Penetration Thickness
 1 SS  ≤4mm ≤3mm
2 Mild Steel/ Iron  ≤4mm ≤3mm
3 Aluminum/ Brass  ≤2mm ≤1mm
4 Galvanized sheet  ≤3mm ≤2mm
2000w Welding ability 
1 SS  ≤6mm ≤5mm
2  Mild Steel/ Iron  ≤6mm ≤5mm
3 Aluminum/ Brass  ≤4mm ≤3mm
4 Galvanized sheet  ≤5mm ≤4mm


welding sample

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