Which industries are fiber laser cutting machines used in?

With the integration and adjustment of the sheet metal manufacturing industry, the future market demand for fiber laser cutting machines will become larger and larger, and they are basically mainly used in the following five industries.
1. Fiber laser cutting machine in sheet metal processing industry has the advantages of high precision, high speed, especially flexible processing, and has become the development direction of sheet metal processing technology. The high cost performance of lasers is unique in the sheet metal industry, and is greatly favored by sheet metal enterprises. Fiber laser equipment has become a strong guarantee for business orders of sheet metal processing centers.
2. Automobile manufacturing industry is a highly concentrated high-tech industry. Laser, as an advanced manufacturing method, in developed industrial countries in Europe and the United States, 50% to 70% of auto parts are completed by laser processing. The main processing methods are laser welding and laser cutting, including plane cutting and three-dimensional cutting.
3. Cabinets, electrical cabinets, computer cabinets, electrical switches,and elevator manufacturers choose UnionLaser Tech's laser equipment because of the stability, speed, and high precision of the equipment. There is no need for secondary processing of the workpiece, which greatly improves the production efficiency, reducing production costs. At the same time, due to the increasingly fierce competition in the market, there are more and more products of various varieties and small batches in industries such as cabinets, cabinets and elevators. The flexible processing method of laser cutting improves product quality and greatly shortens the proofing cycle. strong competitiveness.
4. The oil pipe is cut by fiber laser, and the oil screen slot pipe is one of the typical applications of laser cutting technology in the petrochemical industry. In the process of oil drilling, sand control of loose formations is one of the key parts in the design of oil well completion and oil production engineering. Generally, a large number of small gaps are machined around the pipe to block most of the sand. The important feature of pipe laser cutting is that it can cut gradient slits with outer width and inner narrow or outer narrow and inner type, so that the oil screen slit pipe has better performance.
Fifth, the demand for agricultural machinery for laser cutting machines is also increasing. In the mass production process of agricultural machinery accessories, fiber laser machines play a huge role in the use process.

Post time: Jun-20-2022

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