New type and product 6000T tube fiber laser cutting machine


Fiber laser pipe cutting machine is a cutting equipment that uses fiber laser technology, mainly used for precision cutting of metal pipes. It has the advantages of fast cutting speed, high precision, and high efficiency, and has been widely used in manufacturing, construction, automotive, military and other fields.

This introduction is about a fiber laser cutting machine used by an American automotive parts manufacturing company to produce automobile exhaust pipes. This exhaust pipe consists of multiple curved pipe sections, each with a different shape and length. Traditional cutting methods require the use of molds for cutting, but molds need to be customized, with high costs and long production cycles. Using a fiber laser pipe cutting machine for cutting can eliminate the use of molds, greatly shorten the production cycle, and reduce production costs.

In the production process, first use CAD software to draw the shape and size of each pipe section. Then import the drawn graphic file into the control system of the fiber laser pipe cutting machine, and set the cutting parameters, such as laser power, cutting speed, gas flow rate, etc. The control system will automatically adjust the focusing position and focal length of the beam to ensure the cutting accuracy and quality of each pipe section. During the cutting process, the operator only needs to perform simple operation and monitoring of the equipment to complete the cutting task.

Using a fiber laser pipe cutting machine for cutting not only improves production efficiency and quality, but also can meet customer personalized needs. Customers can freely design the shape and length of the exhaust pipe according to their own needs, without considering the limitations of molds. Therefore, this production method can help enterprises improve competitiveness, reduce production costs, and increase profit margins.

This American customer needs to cut steel pipes of about 3mm and requires cutting different shapes. Based on the customer's needs, we recommend a fiber power of Raycus 1500W, and adopt the best brand of Yaskawa servo motor and driver from Japan, which can guarantee accuracy and has the function of breakpoint continuous cutting.

Today, this machine has been shipped to the United States, and we hope to gain the customer's recognition and strengthen deep cooperation with the customer.


Post time: Mar-13-2023

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