A detailed introduction to the fiber cutting machine

1. What are the characteristics of fiber laser cutting machine?

The application of fiber laser cutting machine in industrial products has been developed rapidly in recent years. Its near infrared wavelength (1080nm) is more conducive to the absorption of metal materials. Especially in the field of high-power welding and cutting, it shows good processing capacity and economy. Compared with gas CO2 laser, fiber laser cutting machine has the following characteristics: low maintenance, low energy consumption, low operating cost; Optical fiber transmission, no reflector lens, no need to adjust the external optical path; Low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, laser does not consume working gas. At the same time, the near infrared wavelength laser is more likely to cause damage to the human body, especially to the eyes, requiring the equipment to have better sealing and other protective functions.

2. What are the characteristics of optical fiber cutting process?

The application of fiber laser cutting machine in sheet metal cutting, compared with the traditional CO2 laser cutting, the change lies in the external optical path, cutting head, auxiliary gas and so on. The laser is transmitted directly through the optical fiber to the cutting head, the optical path is stable and reliable, to ensure the consistency of the whole format cutting of the machine tool, the machine tool does not need the external optical path to protect the gas, will not be equipped with air compressor and other air treatment system; After the laser to the cutting head for collimation, focusing, usually can be configured with a focusing lens with a focal length of 125mm or 200mm, between the focusing lens and the nozzle is equipped with a protective lens to prevent the focusing lens pollution; Fiber laser has good focusing performance, short focal depth, narrow cutting seam width (up to 0.1mm), higher speed, suitable for fast cutting thin plate.


introduce for fiber laser cutting machine

3. why use gantry structure type?

CNC laser cutting machine commonly used structure types are gantry type, cantilever type, middle upside down beam and so on. With the laser processing application to high speed, high precision, high stability of the development of requirements, as well as the development of control technology, gantry structure with its unique structural advantages, has become the mainstream model in the world, is also the well-known brand laser cutting machine used by the structure type.

4. What are the characteristics of bilateral drive?

Gantry structure of the laser cutting machine has two forms of movement, one is processing gantry mobile, fixed workbench, two is gantry fixed workbench mobile. For large, high speed, high performance laser cutting machine, often use the first form, because the table with the workpiece is not suitable for high speed and thick plate cutting. DF series CNC fiber laser cutting machine of the company is the first form, and for the bilateral transmission and drive, that is, both sides of the gantry beam are symmetrically installed rack and pinion and servo motor, to achieve double rack and pinion drive, double servo motor drive. Bilateral drive to ensure the beam force balance, beam operation synchronization. And some other manufacturers of laser cutting machine using gantry unilateral drive, servo motor installed at one end of the gantry beam, and then through a long shaft to transfer the driving force to the other end, to achieve double rack and pinion drive, single servo motor drive. The unilateral drive makes the force on both ends of the beam asymmetrical, affects the synchronization accuracy and reduces the dynamic performance of the machine tool.

5, why the use of helical rack and pinion drive?

CNC machine tools commonly used in several linear shaft transmission modes are ball screw, rack and pinion, linear motor. Ball screw drive is often used for medium-low speed and small stroke NC machine tools; Rack and pinion drive is widely used to achieve high speed and large stroke; Linear motor is mainly used in high speed, high acceleration and special structure of CNC machine tools. In addition, pinion and pinion are divided into straight teeth and helical teeth. Helical teeth compared with straight teeth, the meshing area is larger, the transmission between the gear and rack will be more stable.

Post time: Nov-16-2022

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