6 tips for daily maintenance of fiber laser tube cutting machine

Please check the video for how to work of tube fiber laser cutting machine : https://youtu.be/CEyZYpYM6_0

With the progress of technology and industrial development, professional laser pipe cutting machine has gradually replaced the generation of traditional cutting equipment, and has been greatly promoted and used in the industrial field. As a company, how to improve the efficiency and service life of professional laser tube cutting machine, and maintain the advantage in the fierce competition in the market? The most important thing is to do a good job of daily maintenance. However, the maintenance of the tube cutting machine is mainly divided into multiple parts such as the bed, cutting head and loading machine, and each part has different maintenance considerations. Today, we would like to introduce you to the daily maintenance of the laser tube cutting machine.

1. Keep the cutting head dust-free
To ensure that the laser cutting machine high-precision cutting quality, the cutting head maintenance is essential. The first thing you need to pay attention to is dust, dust into the mirror cavity is easy to contaminate the lens, thus affecting the cutting effect and even the life of the cutting head. Therefore, to ensure that the cutting head no dust into, after the installation and commissioning of the equipment is completed, the cutting head can be partially sealed with a beauty glue.

2. Dimming correction
Check whether the light comes out from the centre of the nozzle before cutting every day, otherwise it needs to be re-corrected.

3. Protective lens check
Every day before cutting, check if the protective lens is clean, otherwise, it needs to be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol or analytical pure (alcohol purity of 99.5% or more). Clean and clean, no water traces should be left.

4. Nozzle check
Before each cut, we need to check the roundness and cleanliness of the nozzle and clean the nozzle. (Two kinds of nozzles: conventional nozzles for cutting parts with sufficient spacing, flat pipe; pointed nozzles for cutting parts with small spacing, with grooves and convex bags of parts)

5.Ceramic ring inspection
Check the ceramic ring, SMA wire, SMA pins and preamplifier daily for loose or foreign objects, and tighten and clean.
6, replace the ceramic ring
When replacing the ceramic ring, the interface must be aligned to ensure that the installation of the ceramic ring above the size of two rubber rings in addition to no excess rubber ring.

Second: the chuck and machine drive part of the cleaning and maintenance
1. Z-axis guide, screw rod monthly maintenance
Z axis guide rail, screw rod monthly clean with a clean cloth, after cleaning manual application of appropriate amount of lubricant (Mobil (Mobil) 00 # lithium grease grease).

Post time: Feb-11-2023

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