2000w UL 1530 fiber laser cutting machine

 UL 1530 fiber laser cutting machine

Principle of laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine is the use of focused high power density laser beam irradiate the workpiece, so that the irradiated material quickly melt, vaporize, ablative or reach the ignition point, at the same time with the beam of high speed air blowing molten material, so as to achieve the workpiece cutting. Laser cutting is one of the thermal cutting methods.

The development trend of laser cutting machine

(1) High speed and high precision laser cutting machine Due to the improvement of the beam mode of high power laser and the application of 32-bit microcomputer, laser cutting equipment has created favorable conditions for high speed and high precision.

(2) thick plate cutting and large size workpiece cutting large laser cutting machine with the increase of laser power can be used for laser cutting laser cutting is developing from light industrial sheet metal processing to heavy industry thick plate cutting direction.

(3) three-dimensional multi-axis CNC laser cutting machine, in order to meet the automotive, aviation and other industries of three-dimensional workpiece cutting needs, has developed a variety of five or six axis three-dimensional laser cutting machine, CNC axis number up to nine axis, processing speed, high precision. Laser cutting robot is used more and more in automobile production line in advanced countries. At present, 3D laser cutting machine is developing in the direction of high efficiency, high precision, multi-function and high adaptability, and its application scope will be more and more large.

(4) Automation and automation of laser cutting unit In order to improve productivity and save labor, laser cutting unit (FMC) and unmanned, automation direction is developing. The development of this kind of unit automation system must depend on the automatic control of cash, network control technology and computer production assistant management system technology. A variety of laser cutting units abroad can be supplied to the market, and there are six large laser cutting machines as the core of the unmanned cutting production line running in the factory.

(5) Compact and integrated CNC laser cutting machine with the laser mentioned in the reduction and increase of power, as well as the continuous improvement of auxiliary devices, the emergence of the laser, power supply, main engine, control system and cooling water circulation device closely combined together, forming a small footprint, complete set of functions of compact laser cutting machine. In addition, laser cutting technology is combined with laser welding, laser surface quenching and other laser processing technology, in order to develop a multi-purpose machine, further improve the utilization of equipment.

ul fiber laser cutting machine

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Post time: Nov-15-2022

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