12,000 watt laser helps the development of high-end doors and windows/stairs

With the hot real estate market and the inclination of old reform policies, it has gradually driven the development of the home improvement industry market. The decoration industry has become a sunrise enterprise in recent years. The exquisite and stylish decoration style has also been liked by many people. Everyone is decorating At that time, he focused his attention on the doors, windows and stairs industries that are closely related to them. Incorporating laser hollow elements into doors, windows and stairs, making them gorgeous and exquisite, and activating the artistic beauty of metal, laser cutting has undoubtedly become the new favorite in the door, window and staircase industry. With the country’s policy regulation, the 14th Five-Year Plan also provides improvements to the door, window, and staircase industries.

With higher standards and requirements, high-performance energy-saving windows and ultra-low energy-consumption stairs have become mainstream choices. Fiber laser cutting machines have occupied the metal door, window and staircase industry with their advantages of high precision, small slits and smooth cut surfaces, and have become the processing industry in the industry. Sharp weapon.


The cut metal is within 1-50MM, which meets the thickness and size standard of the guardrail. The cut graphics are more refined. Some hollows and patterns can also be processed very well. The production cycle is fast, the plasticity is high, and the customization needs are met. Our customers Very satisfied. Before and after the installation, there are technical personnel to connect with us, equipped with complete after-sales service, free installation and debugging of our equipment, and the faults we declare are solved in the first time.

The doors and windows (stairs) industry has huge demand. The advantages of UnionLaser’s ultra-large format and ultra-high power laser equipment in the industry are obvious. The realization of diversified production allows the metal door, window and staircase industry to easily cope with the processing efficiency and high quality requirements of door and window products. The appearance design of more doors, windows and stairs is no longer limited to a single graphic, but presents diverse, flexible and exquisite finished products, which greatly assists the upgrade of the metal door, window and staircase industry under the background of the new era.


Post time: Dec-14-2021

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