metal sheet Fiber laser cutting machine

Short Description:

Type:   Plate fiber laser cutting machine

Brand:  UnionLaser

Model:  UL3015F

Price:  $14499-$26899

Warranty:  3 years for machine, 2 years for fiber laser source, except the wearing parts.

Supply Capacity:   50 sets/month

24 h online for Pre-sale & After-sale

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1. Metal sheet fiber laser cutting machine, carry Raycus/IPG/MAX power source, power 1000w, 1500w, 2000w, 3000w, 4000w, 6000w, 8000w, 10000w, 12000w for cutting all kinds of metal thickness from 1mm to 30mm.
2. Low cost and the power consumption is 0.5-1.5kw/h; Customer can cut all kinds of metal sheets by blowing air;
3. High-performance. Imported the original packaged fiber laser, with stable performance and the lifespan is over 100,000 hours;
4. High speed and efficiency, the speed of cutting metal sheets close to tens of meters;
5. The laser maintenance free;
6. The cutting edge looks perfect and the appearance is smooth and beautiful;
7. Imported the transmission mechanism and servo motor, and high cutting accuracy;
8. Dedicated software enables graphic or text to be instantly designed or processed. Flexible and easy operation.

Model UL-3015F
Cutting Area 3000*1500mm
Laser Power 1000w, 2000w, 3000w, 4000w, 6000w, 120000w
Laser Type Raycus fiber laser source(IPG/MAX for option)
Cutting Speed 0-40000mm/min
Max Travelling Speed 80m/min, Acc=0.8G
Power Supply 380v, 50hz/60hz, 50A
Laser Wave Length 1064nm
Minimum Line Width 0.02mm
Rack System made in Germany
Chain System Igus made in Germany
Graphic Format Support AI,PLT,DXF,BMP,DST,IGES
Driving System Japanese Fuji Servo motor
Working Table Sawtooth
Auxiliary Gas Oxygen, nitrogen, air
Cooling Mode Water cooling and protection system
Optional Spare Parts rotary system
Machine Weight 2000-3000kgs



Machine Application Field:
1.Application Materials: Fiber Laser Cutting Equipment is suitable for metal cutting with Stainless Steel Sheet, Mild Steel Plate, Carbon Steel Sheet, Alloy Steel Plate, Spring Steel Sheet, Iron Plate, Galvanized Iron, Galvanized Sheet, Aluminum Plate, Copper Sheet, Brass Sheet, Bronze Plate, Gold Plate, Silver Plate, Titanium Plate, Metal Sheet, Metal Plate, Tubes and Pipes, etc.
2.Application Industries: UnionLaser Fiber Laser Cutting Machines are widely used in manufacturing Billboard, Advertising, Signs, Signage, Metal Letters, LED Letters, Kitchen Ware, Advertising Letters, Sheet Metal Processing, Metals Components and Parts, Ironware, Chassis, Racks & Cabinets Processing, Metal Crafts, Metal Art Ware, Elevator Panel Cutting, Hardware, Auto Parts, Glasses Frame, Electronic Parts, Nameplates, etc.

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