Laser welding machine handheld

Short Description:

Type:   Fiber laser welding machine

Brand:  UnionLaser

Model:  UL2000W

Price:  $4499~$6599

Warranty:  3 years for machine

Supply Capacity:   50 sets/month

24 h online for Pre-sale & After-sale

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Principle of welding

Laser welding uses high-energy laser pulses to locally heat the material in a small area. The energy of the laser radiation diffuses into the material through heat conduction, and the material melts to form a specific molten pool.

Welding head

Copper nozzles

Corner nozzles,     U-shape (short),     U-shape,     wire feeding 1.0,  wire feeding 1.2   Wire feed 1.6

Wire feeding nozzle 1.0: general use for feeding 1.0 wire;

U-shaped gas nozzle (short): used for tailor welding and positive fillet welding;

Wire feeding nozzle 1.2: for feeding 1.2 wire for general use;

U-shaped gas nozzle (long): used for tailor welding and positive fillet welding;

Wire feeding nozzle 1.6: general use for feeding 1.6 wire;

Angle air nozzle: used for female fillet welding;

Double driver wire feeding device

Main parts

qilin welding head

Qilin Welding head.

- Lightweight and flexible, the grip design is ergonomic.

- The protective lens is easy to replace.

- High quality optical lens, can carry 2000W power.

- The scientific cooling system design can effectively control the working temperature of the product.

- Good sealing, can significantly improve product life.

Welding version of continuous fiber laser RFL-C2000H

It has higher photoelectric conversion efficiency, better and more stable beam quality, and stronger anti-high-reflection capability. At the same time, it introduces an optimized second-generation optical fiber transmission system, which has obvious advantages over other lasers of the same type in the market.

raycus 2000w

Features of laser welding

1. The welding speed is fast, 2-10 times faster than traditional welding, and one machine can save at least 2 welders a year.
2. The operation mode of the hand-held welding gun head enables the workpiece to be welded at any position and at any angle.
3. No need for welding table, small footprint, diversified welding products, and flexible product shapes.
4. Low welding cost, low energy and low maintenance cost.
5. Beautiful welding seam: the welding seam is smooth and beautiful without welding scars, the workpiece is not deformed, and the welding is firm, which reduces the follow-up grinding process and saves time and cost.
6. No consumables: laser welding without welding wire, less consumables, longer life, safer and more environmentally friendly.



Advantages of laser welding

1.The welding seam is smooth and beautiful, no welding scars, no deformation of the workpiece, firm welding, reducing the subsequent polishing process, saving time and cost, and no welding seam deformation.

2.Simple operation,
Simple training can be operated, and beautiful products can be welded without a master.

2.Simple operation,
Simple training can be operated, and beautiful products can be welded without a master.


Compared with traditional welding



Laser welding

Heat input

Very high calories

Low calorie


Easy to deform

Slight or no deformation

Welding spot

Large welding spot

Fine welding spot, spot can be adjusted


Unsightly, high cost of polishing

Smooth and beautiful, no treatment or low cost


Easy to pierce

Not suitable for perforation, controllable energy

Protective gas

Need argon

Need argon

Processing precision



Total processing time

Time consuming

Short time-consuming ratio 1:5

Operator safety first

Strong ultraviolet light, radiation

Exposure to light is almost harmless

Welding materials



























Technical parameter





Equipment name Handheld fiber laser welding machine


Laser power 1000W / 1500W/2000W


Laser wavelength 1080NW


Laser pulse frequency 1-20Hz


Pulse width 0.1-20ms


Spot size 0.2-3.0mm


Minimum welding pool 0.1mm


Fiber length Standard 10M supports up to 15M


Way of working Continuous/Adjustment


Continuous working time 24 hours


Welding speed range 0-120mm/s


Cooling water machine Industrial constant temperature water tank


Working environment temperature range 15-35℃


Working environment humidity range <70% without condensation


Recommended welding thickness 0.5-0.3mm


Welding gap requirements ≤0.5mm


Operating Voltage AV380V


Weight 200kg

Quality control





Acceptance Criteria

In strict accordance with internationally recognized standards and we corporate standards for acceptance. The company has established detailed standards for the working environment and working conditions in the production process, basic technical requirements, cooling requirements, laser radiation safety, electrical safety, test methods, inspection and acceptance, and packaging and transportation.


Quality Standard

We have passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification and have formed a quality assurance system for the design, production and service of small and medium power laser processing equipment.



After the contract is signed, Party B shall design and manufacture equipment in strict accordance with the contract technical indicators. After the equipment is manufactured, Party A shall pre-accept the equipment according to the technical indicators of Party B’s location. After Party A installs and debugs the equipment, both parties shall finally determine the feasibility, stability and reliability of Party A. According to the standard equipment before acceptance.

Equipment delivery

After the contract is signed, Party B designs and manufactures the equipment strictly in accordance with the contract’s technical indicators. After the equipment is produced and manufactured, Party A will pre-accept the equipment at the location of Party B according to the various technical indicators. The equipment is installed and debugged by Party A. The standard conducts final acceptance of equipment feasibility, stability and reliability.
There are installation guides, maintenance guides, unloading guides, training guides, etc.

After-sales service

The entire equipment (except for vulnerable parts and consumables such as conductive fibers and lenses, non-resistant natural disasters, wars, illegal operations, and man-made sabotage) has a warranty period of one year, and the warranty period starts from the date of receipt by your company. Free technical consultation, software upgrade and other services. Provide technical support services at any time to deal with machine abnormalities.
We provide technical support services at any time. Party B is responsible for providing Party A with relevant spare parts for a long time.
After-sales service response time: 0.5 hours, after receiving the user's repair call, the after-sales engineer will have a clear answer within 24 hours or arrive at the equipment site.

Cargo implementation standards

The company's manufacturing, inspection, and acceptance products implement corporate standards. The national standards cited by the corporate standards are:
GB10320 Electrical safety of laser equipment and facilities
GB7247 Radiation safety, equipment classification, requirements and user guides for laser products
GB2421 Basic environmental test procedures for electronic products
GB/TB360 Specification for laser power and energy testing equipment
GB/T13740 Laser radiation divergence angle test method
GB/T13741 Laser radiation beam diameter test method
GB/T15490 General Specification for Solid State Lasers
GB/T13862-92 Laser radiation power test method
GB2828-2829-87 Batch-by-batch periodic inspection by attributes sampling procedure and sampling table

Quality assurance and delivery measures

A. Quality assurance measures

The company strictly manages in accordance with the internationally accepted ISO9001 quality system. In order to effectively ensure product quality and prevent unqualified products from flowing into the next process, from the initial raw material storage to the delivery, the purchase inspection, process inspection, and final inspection must be passed. The production process is effectively controlled to achieve the purpose of effective control of product quality and to ensure that all manufactured products are qualified products.

B. Measures to ensure delivery time

Our company has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification. The production and operation are strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 quality system. The entire process from signing the contract to the delivery to the customer is strictly controlled. All contracts must be reviewed. Therefore, the system can guarantee the supplier Deliver products on time, with quality and quantity.

Packaging and transportation: The product packaging is simple for land transportation. The product packaging meets the requirements of the relevant national, industry and enterprise standards, and adopts anti-rust, anti-corrosion, rain-proof, and anti-collision measures to ensure that the product is not damaged during transportation. The packaging is not recycled.

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