12000w 20000w fiber laser cutting machine

Short Description:

Type:  Enclosed  high power fiber laser cutting machine

Brand:  UnionLaser

Model:  UL3015G

Price:  $18999-$33999

Warranty:  3 years for machine, 2 years for fiber laser source, except the wearing parts.

Supply Capacity:   50 sets/month

24 h online for Pre-sale & After-sale

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Features for fiber metal laser cutting machine

1. The super fast large format fiber laser is ideally for use in industry. Due to a 20kW laser source, it is suitable for cutting boards with a thickness of up to 70 mm. The modern solutions used allow to significantly save time and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of work.

2. Segmented smoke extraction. The machine has the enclosed cover, which makes the smoke and dust inside. Strong adsorption effectively cleans the air, protecting the lens from contamination. 

3. Fiber laser 20 kW IPG.  IPG YLS-CUT series high power laser source, the thickness of stainless steel, aluminum and other materials can reach 70mm.


Model UL-3015F H Series
Working area 1500*3000mm
Laser Power 20kw
Laser Type Raycus fiber laser source (IPG for option)
Max Travelling Speed 80m/min, Acc=1.2G
Power Supply 380v, 50hz/60hz, 50A
Laser Wave Length 1064nm
Minimum Line Width 0.02mm
Rack System YYC brand 2M
Chain System Igus brand made in Germany
Graphic Format Support AI,PLT,DXF,BMP,DST,IGES
Driving System Japanese YASKAWA Servo motor with reducer
Control system Cypcut cutting system
Auxiliary Gas Oxygen, nitrogen, air
Cooling Mode Water Chiller and protection system
Working table Exchanging table



Raycus 12000w

  • High Electro-optical Conversion Efficiency
  • Customized Output Fiber Length
  • Central wavelength: (nm): 1080±5
  • Maximum modulation frequency: (kHz): 2

Raytools autofocus cutting headWithout manual focus adjustment. The range of regulation -10mm - + 10 mm, precision of 0.01 mm is useful in when it comes to materials of different thickness (0–20 mm).

gantry beam

Gantry made of annealed aircraft aluminium
The construction of the gantry is made of annealed aircraft aluminium, formed with a strength of 4300 tonnes, achieving unprecedented rigidity. Aircraft aluminium has many advantages: high rigidity (higher than cast iron), small mass, resistance to corrosion and oxidation as well as susceptibility to machining.

UnionLaser company

1  Decoration industryThanks to the high speed and flexible cutting of the fiber laser cutting machine, many complex graphics can be quickly processed by efficient fiber laser cutting system and the cutting results have won the favor of decoration companies. When customers ordered a special design, the relevant materials can be directly cut out after the CAD drawing is made, hence there is no problem in customization. 2  Automobile industryMany metal parts of the automobile, such as car doors, automobile exhaust pipes, brakes, etc. can be processed precisely by fiber laser metal cutting machine. Compared with traditional metal cutting methods like plasma cutting, fiber laser cutting ensures wonderful precision and work efficiency, which highly improves the productivity and safety of automobile parts.
3  Advertising industry  4  Kitchenware industry 
5  Lighting industry  6  Sheet metal processing 
7  Fitness equipmentP 8  Home appliance industry 



Q1 : What about warranty ?
A1:3 years quality warranty. The machine with main parts (excluding the consumables) will be changed free of charge (some parts will be maintained) when if any problem during the warranty period. The machine warranty time begins leave our factory time and the generator begins production date number.

Q2 : I don’t know which machine is suitable for me ?
A2:Please contact with us and tell us:
1) Your materials,
2) Max size of your material,
3) Max cut thickness,
4) Common cut thickness,

Q3 :It's not convenient for me to go to China, but I want to see the condition of the machine in the factory. What should I do?
A3:We support the production visualization service. The sales department who responds to your inquiry for the first time will be responsible for your follow-up work. You can contact him /her to go to our factory to check the production progress of the machine, or send you the sample pictures and videos you want. We support free sample service.

Q4 : I don’t know how to use after I receive Or I have problem during use,how to do?
A4:1) We have detailed user manual with pictures and CD, you can learn step by step. And our user manual update every month for your easy learning if there is any update on machine.
2) If have any problem during use, you need our technician to judge the problem elsewhere will be solved by us. We can provide team viewer/Whatsapp/Email/Phone/Skype with cam until all of your problems solved. We can also provide Door service if you need.

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